Psychedelic School 

Higher Learning

Providing expert knowledge and practical skill sets to empower self-healing and foster career development in the psychedelic renaissance.


Psychedelics have belonged to humanity from the beginning of time...So should knowledge, information, and skill sets to use psychedelics for safety and healing. As the psychedelic renaissance blossoms, so must robust, expert, and objective information on their risks and benefits.

 Here at Psychedelic School we provide just that: information you can count on to expand your expertise and empower the healing of yourself and others as we reclaim cognitive liberty.

Our Mission Purpose:

  • Disseminate accurate and objective foundational knowledge about psychedelic drugs and the psychedelic experience
  • Empower informed decision-making that is rooted in safety, transformative healing, and well-being
  • Develop programming that fosters career development in persons interested in incorporating psychedelics into their life’s work
  • Provide content of value that serves to successfully usher in the psychedelic renaissance

Our Courses:

  • Aim to reduce harm and maximize benefits associated with psychedelic use
  • Integrate disciplines of psychology, pharmacology, neurobiology, integrative health and shamanism
  • Provide tools, guidelines, and resources for practical application for individuals and professionals
  • Informed by and recognize clinical ethics & legal issues
  • Account for social-cultural diversity examining recreational, ritual, psychospiritual, and medical uses to provide a holistic understanding of use and effects on individuals, their communities and society
  • Are for informational and educational purposes only. We do not condone the use of illicit substances and recommend you do not break the law

Our Audience:

  • Individuals interested in expanding their knowledge & understanding of psychedelics
  • Individuals seeking strategy and useful skill sets when approaching psychedelics for personal use 
  • Professionals seeking to acquire an expert clinical psychedelic-support toolbox to utilize in therapeutic settings
  • Persons wanting to train and become certified as a psychedelic professional

Meet Your Instructors:

Benjamin Malcolm, Pharm.D., MPH & Shiri Malcolm Godasi, M.A.

Sharing a mutual love of humanity, nature and interconnectedness we created Psychedelic School as a vehicle to inspire others to learn about the limitless possibilities we believe are feasible through psychedelics. We envision a healthy society in which psychedelics are available in safe and supported settings for treatment of illness, psychospiritual growth, exploration of consciousness, religious worship and celebration.


Psychedelic School and its associates, the contents of this website and any information offered in course materials do not in any way encourage or condone the use, purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances. It is recommended you do not partake in any unlawful activities. Psychedelic School supports a harm reduction approach for the purpose of education and promoting individual and public safety.