Psychedelic Therapy & Integration

A Personal Breakthrough Program for Psychedelic Healing Through Safety, Self-agency & Sustainable Life Upgrade




Psychedelic Therapy & Integration Breakthrough Program is a practical hand guide and educational support system for anyone who has heard about the potential of psychedelic experiences for psychological, physical and spiritual healing and transformation - and is looking for tools to utilize them with minimal risks and maximum benefits.


  • You are feeling stuck in your life and have heard about the possible benefits and life-changing potential of psychedelic substances
  • You are thinking of using psychedelics but don’t know where to start or how to go about it
  • You are planning on using psychedelics and want to make sure you approach them safely, mindfully and effectively
  • You want to use psychedelics to heal yourSelf mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually - and wish there was a manual with clear guidelines, practical strategies and real-time tools that help deliver the relief you need
  • You want to make the most of your psychedelic trip and need a road map for positive change and sustainable results - that last years (!) after your psychedelic session
  • You want to learn all of this from an experienced and skilled guide that will coach you through your initial steps into the sacred psychedelic realm
  • You know you have all the answers within you; and ready to become a Self Healer...


I invite you to join me on a laser-focused journey of consciousness expansion, soul awakening and life optimization.


In this unique educational program we will meet through

4 modules, 30 video lessons and my vault of external resources

where you will learn a tried-and-true set of guidelines for

  • Psychedelic Safety
  • Ceremonial Preparation
  • Effective, Intentional Engagement with Psychedelic Space
  • Successful Post-Experience Integration


The tools you learn in this coaching program will help you:


  • Reduce risks associated with psychedelic use
  • Increase your confidence, Self-reliance and personal agency navigating psychedelic experiences
  • Obtain personal breakthroughs that can equate to decades in conventional talk therapy - and save you thousands of dollars
  • Deepen your psychological, spiritual and physical healing
  • Find your truth, life purpose and authentic voice
  • Accelerate personal transformation towards a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle that is true to you.


Psychedelic Safety: Are Psychedelics Right For You?
Preparation for Psychedelic States
Navigating Psychedelics States: Benefit Enhancement & Risk Reduction Skillset
Integration of Psychedelic States

What will you learn in Psychedelic Therapy & Integration Breakthrough Program:

  • Learn about popular psychedelics substances and plant medicines such as Psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, ayahuasca, LSD, N,N,DMT, 5MeO-DMT (Bufo Toad), Mescaline & Iboga
  • Explore how they are being used for healing and therapy
  • Identify risks and benefits of working with psychedelics
  • Learn techniques of microdosing
  • Discover if you are a candidate for psychedelic use and healing
  • Learn how certain pharma medications affect psychedelic use
  • Acquire preparation strategies when planning a psychedelic experience
  • Learn about the outcomes of working with psychedelics on your own or with a guide
  • Explore the different stages of the psychedelic experience and their effects
  • Acquire a practical skill set to navigate psychedelic spaces safely, confidently and effectively
  • Learn tools to minimize the chance for a “bad trip”
  • Understand psychedelic integration: what it is, why it’s important, when it’s done, and how to do it
  • Compare between immediate and long term integration techniques
  • Learn how to recover from challenging experiences
  • Formulate your at-home integration practice - with room for upgrade!
  • Cultivate Self care into your day-to-day routine
  • Practice the art of weaving psychedelic transformation into your life
  • Maximize the benefits of a psychedelic experience while minimizing risk.



Why I Created Psychedelic Therapy & Integration Breakthrough Program

Clinical research of psychedelics is emerging with unparalleled results, successfully treating common ailments like anxiety, depression, PTSD and addictive behaviors. Psychedelics are also a used to attain mystical states, enhance creativity and tap into one's soul. The media is ablaze over these new-old "miracle drugs" and millions of people are wondering if psychedelics are the self-help tool they have been waiting for - and if so, how to approach them safely, mindfully, and effectively?

Psychedelic therapy remains largely illegal; but is projected to become FDA-approved in 2021 - with an estimated cost of $12,000-20,000 (!).

Trustworthy, experienced and knowledgable underground guides are hard to come by (and have their own price tag of $500-$2500 per session).

The result: many people are experimenting with psychedelics on their own, counting on online research as a primary source of education - and putting their wellbeing in the hands of the internet.

Without proper information/adequate preparation here is what many people end up getting from their first psychedelic experiences:

  • A "bad trip"
  • Heightened fear & confusion (that last for months)
  • Paranoia, panic & anxiety (ditto)
  • Nausea and vomiting (that is not part of the intended healing)
  • Re-traumatization
  • Temporary/permanent psychological damage
  • Potential psychosis/mania
  • Putting themselves at physical risk
  • Neural toxicity
  • Overdose
  • Unfortunate and unnecessary death.


Over 90% of these risks can be eliminated with harm-reducing, educational guidelines for psychedelic therapy.


As risks are reduced - potential benefits are amplified:

  • Successful treatment of PTSD, depression, anxiety & addictions
  • End-of-life conflicts
  • Quitting smoking & drinking
  • Interpersonal relationship issues
  • Wounded child healing and reparenting
  • Intergenerational trauma resolution
  • Individuation & differentiation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Awareness and presence
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Enhanced creativity & problem solving
  • Life purpose, direction and profession
  • Confidence and self-worth
  • Clear Self-expression, authenticity & personal truth
  • Life optimization
  • Happiness.


These benefits are largely fleeting for many and not sustained over time; a practical Psychedelic Integration program helps deepen the benefits, turn them into reality and sustain them indefinitely.


  • 4 comprehensive course modules of original material
  • Printable e-book for each module
  • 30 video lessons with over 700 minutes of original content
  • Access course content on-demand, at your own pace - from anywhere in the world
  • Lifetime access to all course recordings including any future course expansions
  • Each module includes my personal resources for further learning: assignments, book recommendations, articles, integration practices, playlists, websites, videos, podcasts and meditations.


Shiri M. Godasi, M.A.

A pioneer in the field of integration and community building, I have been a teacher and visionary entrepreneur for nearly two decades. Psychedelics awakened my soul; integration transformed my life. I’m here to share with you the practical tools that will empower you to do the same: heal, grow, and fully embody your infinite potential and genius to live the life you came here for.


The Psychedelic Healing & Integration Breakthrough Program is suitable for you if:

  • You have never tried psychedelics and want to learn more about them
  • You are thinking of trying psychedelics and wants to know if they are right for you
  • You would like to try psychedelics but are afraid of having a “bad trip” and wish you had an instruction manual
  • You would like to try psychedelics and want to learn how to do so mindfully, safely and effectively
  • You have tried psychedelics and are looking to deepen your exploration with more intention, structure and guidance
  • You have heard about “psychedelic integration” and not sure what it means or how to go about it
  • You have tried psychedelics and want to understand them better, to utilize the insights to heal the past and transform your life
  • You are a professional seeking expanded knowledge, tools and interventions to utilize in your clinical/non-clinical practice supporting psychedelic transformation.

Prior psychedelic knowledge/experience is not necessary to join this course.


Matt H.

"After a decade of attempting to work through trauma with ineffective talk-therapy and anti-depressants, I was searching for alternative methods of treatment. I had never taken psychedelics and wanted to learn more, I wanted to heal. Sherree provided better guidance in one consultation than tens of thousands of dollars worth of psychotherapy. Over time, I was confidently prepared with tools to explore ocean trenches of self-awareness through psychedelics and return to wholeness. If you are reading this, I highly encourage you to join her coaching program."

— Anonymous

"The instructor was obviously knowledgeable but also - most helpful to me - she shared her expertise in a way that was interesting and accessible to all levels of experience."


Frequently Asked Questions

Important Notice - by purchasing this program you are agreeing to the following:

This program is intended for educational purposes only. The presented information and the instructor do not condone or encourage illicit substance use or any illegal activities. The instructor is not responsible for any actions taken by you as a participant of this program.

Psychedelic substances or referrals to illicit substances/therapies are not offered.

The instructor is not a licensed mental health clinician/therapist, and does not provide clinical/medical advice or opinions.

This coaching program and any of its content are not a replacement for clinical therapy or medical treatments. While utilizing psychedelics for healing it can be beneficial to be supported by a professional. If you are experiencing mental/physical health hardships/conditions, and/or are taking medications, seek the support of your clinical professional.

Psychedelic School and its associates, the contents of this website and any information offered in course materials do not in any way encourage or condone the use, purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances. It is recommended you do not partake in any unlawful activities. Psychedelic School supports a harm reduction approach for the purpose of education and promoting individual and public safety.